Taxi Touring Courses

We offer two types of Taxi Touring Courses: One is for set routes which have a flat rate and go to the main sights of either Nishi-Iya or Oku-Iya.


The other is for custom taxi tour routes that suit your specific interests. We have created a few suggested custom routes of this type which optimize the travel time needed along with the best points of interest, but please don't feel you are limited to only these routes. You can fully customize these routes however you prefer!


Although our drivers only speak a little bit of English, we always do our best to accommodate foreign visitors. But we also offer interactive Guided Tours with an English speaking local guide if you are interested. For information, please check our Guided Tours page.


*Please Note: Some sights have entrance fees and they are not included in these prices.



** Also understand, the route stopping points may not go exactly in the order listed here due to either weather considerations or road construction. We will go in the optimum order of that particular day for your benefit.

Want to know more about where to go? Check the IyaTime travel guide for detailed information about all Iya Valley and Oboke area sights, activities, restaurants, and hotels. All you need to know, in English!

Set Routes

The time needed, fees and course routes here are fixed. If you would like to alter these routes by adding other points, please see the custom routes below.


*Please Note: the fixed routes given here are based on departure/return to JR Oboke Station however departure/return to any Oboke and Iya area hotel is also possible. Please let us know when contacting from where you wish to depart/return.

Nishi-Iya Course Route         2 hours         ¥7800 (small taxi)

This course goes to the main sights of Nishi-Iya, including the main Kazurabashi Vine Bridge and viewpoints in the upper part of the Iyakei Gorge.


JR Oboke Station →Heike-Yashiki Historic House Museum →Kazurabashi Vine Bridge, Biwa Waterfall →Iyakei Gorge, Hi-no-Ji Bend Viewpoint →Peeing Boy Statue →JR Oboke Station


Higashi-Iya Course Route         6.5 hours         ¥20,300 (small taxi)

This course goes to the main Vine Bridge in Nishi-Iya as well as the deepest points of Higashi-Iya (known as Oku-Iya "Deep Iya") which includes going to the Scarecrow Village, stopping at the beautiful and secluded Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridges, an extended stop at the base of Mt Tsurugi, allowing one to go up the mountain via chairlift.**


JR Oboke Station →  Kazurabashi Vine Bridge, Biwa Waterfall →  Bukeyashiki Kita-ke Historic House →  Soba Dojo Restaurant (lunch break) →  Nagoro Scarecrow Village →  Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridge   Minokoshi, Mt Tsurugi Chairlift  Ⓗ JR Oboke Station


** the stop at Minokoshi, Mt Tsurugi is about 40 minutes. This is enough time to go via chairlift part of the way up the mountain to the upper chairlift station ("Nishi-jima Station") and see a great view of the Iya Valley from there. However this is not enough time to fully hike to the top of the mountain from Nishi-jima Station. The further hike would take an extra 2 hours to/from the summit. If you would like to extend for this hike you would need to arrange a Customized Touring Route. See below.

We also offer interactive Guided Tours of the Iya Valley with English speaking guides.

Please see here for more details.

Custom Touring Routes

Custom touring routes allow you to choose exactly where you want to go. Fees for these routes are based on our hourly rates (¥4380 small taxi, ¥6620 jumbo taxi). 


We put together a few sample routes below to give you an idea, and the times given are approximate, but you can add or remove other points to any of the routes, or simply construct your own route. Please contact us with your desired itinerary and we can give you an estimate for the time needed and the fee.


*Please Note: route times given here are based on departure/return to JR Oboke Station. If departing/returning to other locations, such as hotels, times will be adjusted accordingly. 


**Also if you would like to include lunch we can include a stop at a restaurant for any course (additional time fee may be needed), however we also recommend getting some snacks or a lunch box before departure instead to have along the way. Next to JR Oboke Station is Boke Mart store which has a variety of food and drinks available.

Iya Onsen Hot Spring Tour Route         3 hours         

This course goes to the main sights of Nishi-Iya, and also makes an hour long stop at the lovely river-side Iya Onsen Hot Spring, which is at the base of Iyakei Gorge and accessed by private cable-car. 


JR Oboke Station →  Iyakei Gorge, Hi-no-Ji Bend Viewpoint   Iya Onsen Hot Spring →  Peeing Boy Statue →  Kazurabashi Vine Bridge, Biwa Waterfall →JR Oboke Station


Oboke & Iya Area Tour Route         4 hours         

This popular course goes to many of the main highlights and viewpoints of both sides of the Iya Valley as well as the Oboke Gorge Pleasure Boat.


JR Oboke Station →  Oboke Gorge Pleasure Boat Cruise   Kazurabashi Vine Bridge, Biwa Waterfall → Ochiai Village Viewpoint → Ochiai Historic Village → Iyakei Gorge, Hi-no-Ji Bend Viewpoint →  Peeing Boy Statue → JR Oboke Station


Oboke & Oku-Iya Area Tour Route        7 - 7.5 hours         

If you want to fully see and experience what Iya has to offer, one must get out to Oku-Iya ("Deep Iya"). This extensive course covers all the main sights and viewpoints of the Iya Valley and Oboke Gorge. It includes the Hi-no-ji Bend and Peeing Boy Statue viewpoints in Iyakei Gorge as well as the Ochiai Village viewpoint, an hour long ride through the dense forest on the Oku-Iya Mountain Monorail, a stop at the unique Scarecrow Village of Nagoro, a visit to the enchanting Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridges, and the Oboke Gorge boat cruise. 


JR Oboke Station →  Iyakei Gorge, Hi-no-Ji Bend Viewpoint & Peeing Boy Statue  Kazurabashi Vine Bridge, Biwa Waterfall → Ochiai Village Viewpoint  →  Oku-Iya Mountain Monorail → Ⓕ Nagoro Scarecrow Village  Ⓖ Oku-Iya Double Vine Bridges   Oboke Gorge Pleasure Boat Cruise →  JR Oboke Station


Legend of the Heike Clan Tour Route         5 hours 30 min         

Local legends say that 800 years ago upon losing the Genpei War, many of the fleeing Heike samurai warriors came to the Iya Valley to hide, and they brought with them the young Emporeror Antoku to keep him safe. This touring course goes to many of the historic spots that are connected to this legend.


JR Oboke Station →  Kazurabashi Vine Bridge, Biwa Waterfall  Bukeyashiki Kita-ke Historic House, Hoko-Sugi Giant Cedar Tree → Asa-ke Historic House → Higashi-Iya History and Folklore Museum → Kurishido Hachiman Shrine → Ochiai Village Viewpoint → JR Oboke Station


Not sure where to go? Check out the IyaTime travel guide for details about all Iya Valley and Oboke area sights, activities, restaurants and hotels. All you need to know, in English!