Vehicle Fleet

Safety and comfort are our main priorities for our customers. Our wide range of modern vehicles are sure to satisfy everyone, from those traveling alone up to large touring groups. And for those looking for a nostalgic experience, consider chartering our classic "Bonnet Bus". 

For going Alone, with Family & Friends,

or in Small Groups  (up to 9 Passengers)

Small Taxi  "Prius"

A smooth ride awaits in our Toyota electric hybrid taxis which seat up to 4 passengers. Eco-friendly and equip with four wheel drive.

Small Taxi  "Vitz"

Up to four passengers can ride in our Toyota Vitz taxis, which have four wheel drive and are great for maneuvering on the narrow local roads.

Jumbo Taxi  "Hiace"

Our 4WD large van taxis hold up to nine passengers (8 main seats, 1 auxillary seat). Great for medium-sized groups or for those in need of extra space for filming or activity equipment. 

For Larger Touring Groups 

Small Bus

Seating up to 27 passengers (25 main seats, 2 auxillary seats), underneith is a large baggage compartment, so no worries for accomodating all of your group's luggage.


Small Bus Seating Chart

Mini Bus

With space for up to 28 passengers (20 main seats, 8 auxillary) this bus is still able to fit through most of Iya's narrow roads when driven by our expert staff.


Mini Bus Seating Chart

Medium Bus

Ride in style and comfort in our spacious medium sized bus, with 27 full seats, including two rows of seats that rotate and allow for an optional central table.


Medium Bus Seating Chart

"Bonnet Bus"

For those seeking a one-of-a-kind travel experience, look no further than our nostalgic "Bonnet Bus". Nick-named the "Nijuu-ichi" ("Twenty-One" ), it was built in 1955 and is one of the five oldest buses of this kind still in use in Japan. Formerly a Yoshino River Route bus for Tokushima Prefecture, this classic vehicle was completely restored in 1999 and it is exceptionally rare to have a chance to travel in such an old vehicle, especially on the winding roads of Iya. 

  • Model: Isuzu BX531
  • Ln 835cm, Wd 249cm, Ht 281cm
  • Weight: 5500kg
  • Engine: 6120cc
  • 50 passengers (27 seats, 23 standing)


Bonnet Bus Seating Chart