Kazurabashi Taxi & Tours

Your access to a secret place.

Nobody knows Iya and Oboke like us.

Although this wonderfully secluded region is famous for being difficult to access, the Kazurabashi Taxi Company can be your key to exploring the Iya Valley and Oboke Gorge areas. Our local drivers are well experienced with the breath-taking yet often harrowing mountain roads, allowing you to relax as you ride in comfort and saftey while we take you through this beautiful and special place.


We can accomodte every sort of traveler or group with vehicles ranging from small taxis, to vans and buses, including our old-style "bonnet" bus.  

Our various Taxi  Tours are a great way to discover the Iya and Oboke areas!

Door-to-door pick up and drop off provided from any area hotel,

as well as from JR Train Stations and regional airports.

Enjoying Safe Travel

With the spread of COVID-19 around the world, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our customers and staff. Accordingly, we are enacting appropriate protective measures with our vehicles and drivers to help give assurance for everyone who travels with us so you can have a pleasant and comfortable experience.

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Five Reasons to choose Kazurabashi Taxi:


1. Making the Most of Your Day

With Kazurabashi Taxi we look to optimize your time and expense. Our skilled drivers are thoroughly familiar will all area roads and destinations, and we provide hassle-free door-to-door service from any area accommodation, train station, or regional airport.  


2. A Sense of Security Not Possible with Rental Cars

For many people unfamiliar with the area, driving on local roads can be both scary and difficult. With our professional drivers you can feel assured on the often steep and narrow roads of the Iya Valley and Oboke Gorge as we take you smoothly around the region.


3. Scenery is Best Viewed while you Relax 

If driving yourself around this vast area, it would be much too dangerous to ever take your eyes off the curvy roads and you therefore won't be able to enjoy all the fantastic sights as they pass by. Let us do the driving for you as you leisurely take in all the scenery. 


4. Your Skilled Driver is also a Skilled Guide

There is no doubt that the life-long residents of Iya and Oboke know this region better than anyone. From explaining old stories and traditions, to in-depth details about sights and locations, the person taking you there is an area expert. And if you don't speak Japanese then don't worry, because we will still do our best to make sure you have a rewarding travel experience.


5. We Also Offer English Speaking Guided Tours

If you are looking for the best guided tour of the Iya Valley, choose to have one of our English speaking local guides go with you for a truely in-depth experience. Our top-notch guides will not only explain Iya's traditions, lifestyle, history, architecture, and geography but they will do so while taking you on walks along the ancient paths of mountainside villages, into historic thatched roof farmhouses, and out to hidden spots which most visitors rarely encounter.