Rates and Fees

At Kazurabashi Taxi, we offer metered taxi rates for point-to-point service as well as hourly rates which are best for routes longer than two hours.


We also offer Taxi Touring Courses which go to various sights across the Iya Valley (please see the Taxi Tours page for more info) as well as special Guided Tours which offer interactive experiences as well as English speaking guides (please see here for details).


For Buses and Charter Vehicle Service, please contact us for more information.


Sample Meter Taxi Rates

We can pick-up and drop-off to any point in the area, including all sight-seeing spots, hotels and guest houses, mountain trailheads, train stations, and even regional airports. Below is a small sample of approximate meter rates.


JR Oboke Station --- Hotel Hikyo-no-Yu, Iya Fureai Park, Zip-Line ¥2500~

JR Oboke Station --- Hotel Kazurabashi, Iya Bijin Hotel   ¥2800~

JR Oboke Station --- Kazurabashi Vine Bridge   ¥3200~

JR Oboke Station --- Iya Onsen Hotel, Iyakei Gorge, Peeing Boy  ¥3800~

JR Oboke Station --- Kyojo, Oku-Iya Hotel, Higashi-Iya Folk Museum ¥5000~ 



Sample Hourly Rates (2 hour minimum)

Are you looking for more than simple point-to-point service? Are you interested in planning your own custom route to explore Iya? If wanting to hire our taxis for more than two hours, it would be more economical to use our hourly rates. Please understand that we charge for a minimum of two hours for these rates.


Small Taxi (up to 4 passengers plus driver)   ¥4380 per hour

Jumbo Taxi (up to 9 passengers plus driver) ¥6620 per hour


-all prices as of Oct 1, 2019


For Buses or special requests, please contact us for further assistance.



Check our Taxi Touring Course Page for sample routes !

Or check our Guided Tours Page for a special experience !